1/3 of UK population experienced poverty in recent years


Poverty in 2016


These figures released by the Office for National Statistics acknowledge that the risks of falling into poverty for people in the UK are greater than before and harder to escape.  With 7.8% of the UK population entering poverty for the first time between 2010 and 2013, Greece and Ireland (two countries that had to be bailed out during the financial crisis) are the only ones to surpass the UK.

The figures also highlight that the proportion of people experiencing persistent poverty has declined, suggesting that for many it is a temporary situation. However as cuts continue to be made both to individuals’ benefits and the organisations that they rely on, more and more people are relying on charities like fuelbanks and families to support them through their time of crisis. Charities should not be doing the job of the government.

The governments proposed “all out assault on poverty” has failed. These figures highlight the continued abandonment of people who have found themselves living in poverty since David Cameron was re-elected in 2010.